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APAC Treasury Council Profiles

Joris Chevaux, CTP

Joris M. Chevaux, CTP

Treasury Manager
Sephora, Asia

"Analytical skills are necessary for treasury professionals. Our function is increasingly relying on data. We need to be able to manage data in multiple ways. Understanding technology will become more essential. Core treasury skills such as FX, cash management and financial markets will always be crucial." Read more.

Siddhant JainSiddhant Jain, CTP

Treasury Analyst
Moody’s Corporation, India

"Global organizations look at risk management as part of the treasury department due to the volatility of the market. I would like to infuse my treasury knowledge with risk management knowledge so that I can provide holistic services to clients and organizations." Read more.


Saima Jamil, CTP, CertTF, MBA

Manager Treasury & Finance
Transworld, Pakistan

“Treasury is altogether a specialized field, and, as a corporate treasurer, there are certain key skills that are necessary to do the job well. For example, while arranging financing, having negotiation skills helps in getting favorable covenants, better spread rates and avoiding unnecessary fees.” Read more.

vinit mishra

Vinit Mishra, CTP, CGMA, FCMA-CIMA

Head of Treasury and Trade Finance - India
Louis Dreyfus Company, India


Shankar Ramaswamy

Shankar Ramaswamy, CTP

Treasury Business Partner
Travelopia, India

"Treasury has a bird’s eye view of entire business management with interaction across cross teams. Learning people skills and time management while also working on multiple projects is something I enjoy." Read more.

Mukesh Singh

Mukesh Singh

Corporate Treasury & Payments
Microsoft, Singapore


Siddhant Jain

Max Sunarcia

Group Treasurer
Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong

"I’m excited to share and learn as much as possible from each other. We all have tools in our back pocket, things we've accumulated over time through our experiences and training that could be invaluable to someone else.” Read more.

Jessie Toh

Jessie Toh

Coda Payments, Singapore


Marcell Wiradinata

Marcell Wiradinata, CTP

Manager of Treasury
East Java, Indonesia

"Digital technologies are rapidly reshaping the world. We should take advantage of this momentum and kick off the discussions with our stakeholders. I have a strong feeling this will be the catalyst to unlock bigger possibilities of international trade finance, especially for emerging countries." Read more.

Pulat Yunusmetov

Pulat Yunusmetov, CTP

Treasury Manager
Danone, Singapore

"Good stakeholder management skills are a critical aspect of treasury, we do not just work within one part of the organization. Having project management skills and transparent communication is key to have your stakeholders to support the treasury initiatives." Read more. 

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