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How to Create a Control Chart
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, and Avi Singh, Founder and CEO of, preview the new FP&A Guide on Leveraging Business Statistics, underwritten by Workiva.


Leveraging Business Statistics: Use Cases for Finance
AFP’s latest Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Guide, underwritten by Workiva, focuses on the power of statistics.


New Fed Council: Can It Move the Needle on Faster Payments?
The Federal Reserve has announced the formation of the U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC), a multi-industry group brought together to accelerate the adoption of faster payments in the United States.


Best Practices in Treasury Connectivity
The latest Treasury in Practice Guide, underwritten by Kyriba, examines best practices in treasury connectivity.


4 Tips for Improving Your Sales Forecasting
Accurate sales forecasting is hard. Here are four steps BMC Software took to improve its sales force accuracy.


Digital Readiness Assessment: How to Improve Your Finance Team
Next week, we will report on the results of the corporate finance survey, “Your Personal Digital Readiness.” At AFP 2018, we previewed the results and asked a roundtable group for their feedback. The group came up with three ways to improve their team’s readiness, and one surprising way not to do it.


What’s Wrong With This Picture, FP&A Professionals?
FP&A professionals pride themselves on presenting information in a clear and concise manner. SO what’s wrong with this picture?


Regional Treasury Centers in Hong Kong: What Treasurers Should Know
Enoch Fung, Head of Market Development for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, spoke to AFP about why American companies should establish regional treasury centres in Hong Kong.


AFP Executive Institute Addresses Fintech, Mitigating Crises
To help corporate treasurers and chief financial officers plan and prepare for technological disruption and possible crises that come from sudden change, the 2018 AFP Executive Institute, sponsored by PNC Bank, will take place November 5-6 in Chicago.


Welcome to AFP 2018
Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of the Association for Financial Professionals, welcomes you to AFP 2018, November 4-7 in Chicago.


Keys to Operating Regional Treasury Centers
Nick Powell, global head of commercialization, liquidity and investment products for HSBC, provides some best practices for treasury departments that are considering opening a regional treasury center.


New Skills Needed in the Workplace for Today’s Digital World
New skills needed in the workplace today’s digital world may seem obvious to many. However, some financial planning and analysis teams still have some catching up to do. FP&A needs to improve its digital skills to make finance greater than the sum of its parts.


Establishing & Structuring Regional Treasury Centers
The latest AFP Executive Guide, underwritten by Thomson Reuters, reviews the factors that organizations need to consider when establishing and structuring a regional treasury center.


#AFPJargonWatch: Edge Computing
Edge computing is moving computing processing power close to the data source, where it is embedded in objects that were previously non-computational devices.


U.S. Firms Remain Reluctant to Invest Cash Reserves
U.S. companies continued to build cash reserves in the third quarter of 2018, according to the latest AFP Corporate Cash Indicators®, underwritten by BMO.


Noninterest Bearing Deposits Soon to Be Nonentities?
Companies have been pulling cash out of noninterest earning deposits, and banks have been taking a hit. However, this could also have negative ramifications for corporates in the long run.


Forecasting in a VUCA World: 2 Approaches for FP&A
Forecasting is challenging—and even more so in the current volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment businesses now operate in. Here are two approaches to forecasting in a VUCA world for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals.


Finance Teams, Take Advantage of Bots
Within the bot industry is a subset that is especially appealing to finance—visual automation tools especially designed for non-technical users.


Why Were Brexit Forecasts So Wrong?
When British voters decided in July 2016 to leave the European Union, virtually every governmental economic unit, bank, and private forecast predicted a disaster for the UK. The reality is much different.


Real-Time Payments in Asia-Pacific: SWIFT Launches Pilot
SWIFT has completed a successful connection of its gpi cross-border payments service to the real-time payments system in Australia.


Fintech Survey Reveals Gap Between Enthusiasm and Adoption
The 2018 AFP Technology Survey, Underwritten by BELLIN, reveals a gap between enthusiasm for fintech and leveraging it within the organization.


Faster Payments Use Cases: Feedback from Corporate Treasury
NACHA received quite a bit of feedback on why U.S. corporate adoption of faster payments is an uphill climb during a session at the latest Payments Innovation Alliance meeting.


Adoption of the FX Global Code Exceeds Expectations
The GFXC has published an update to the Foreign Exchange Global Code. The document is a must-read for any corporate treasury executive with FX responsibility for their organization.


How to Calculate Your Return On Security Investments: FP&A’s Role
It is a challenge to calculate the return on investment for IT and security. ROSI, or return on security investment, is a modified ROI calculation, where the net benefit is the annual cost of security breaches avoided as compared to the prevention cost incurred. Here is how to calculate your return on security investments.


Applying Cost of Capital in Corporate Finance
In our previous article on cost of capital, we covered the components of the calculation, where to find the data, and comparison to cost of equity and cost of debt. In this article, we discuss how corporate finance professionals apply the cost of capital in their daily work.


Cost of Capital: How Relevant is it for Your Organization?
More than 600 finance professionals took part in the 2017 AFP FP&A Survey. Inside the survey were four questions about the cost of capital. The questions strive to depart from the detail and calculation of cost of capital and instead ask how finance practitioners use cost of capital on a daily basis.


Agile Finance Principles: How FP&A Teams Should Prepare
Though agile methodology began in the IT department, it soon spread throughout the entire organization. Agile finance principles have major implications for FP&A.


Undergoing a Finance Transformation
Due to increasing pressures across the asset management industry, Invesco's finance team has been required to up its game and make strategic decisions to support the business as a whole.


Four Success Factors for Treasury Centres
A leading practice in treasury management is to centralise operations into a treasury centre, and an in-house bank (IHB) is considered a best-in-class structure of a regional or global treasury function. However, only a small number of companies have adopted this structure. Here are four factors to successfully transform their existing treasury operations into a treasury centre.


NACHA Buys BPDA, Developing Blockchain B2B Directory
NACHA has acquired the Business Payments Directory Association (BPDA), seeking to advance efforts to develop a B2B Directory that would provide corporate treasury professionals with extended remittance information.


Treasury Job Descriptions
Treasury job descriptions, from the Treasurer through Assistant Cash Manager, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.


Using Blockchain for Intercompany Transactions
Blockchain technology and APIs are being combined to create a solution that aims to dramatically speed up and reduce the costs of settling intercompany transactions.


CFO Interview Questions for Kemmy Koh
Kemmy Koh, Group CFO of Chinese Global Investors Group, also is founder and managing director of Kglow SkinLab. Koh spoke to AFP for the latest edition of CFO Interview Questions.


Treasurers, Your Libor Feedback is Needed for Fallbacks
The ARRC and ISDA are looking for feedback from corporate end-users on how the transition away from Libor could impact them.


Payments at AFP 2018: Focus On Innovation
From real-time payments to application programming interfaces (APIs) to cutting edge cybersecurity solutions, payments is one of the most exciting aspects of treasury today. That’s why the Payments track at AFP 2018 is particularly focused on new technologies.


PNC Embraces Blockchain, Joins Ripple
Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank has entered the real-time, cross-border payments arena by joining RippleNet.


Treasurers, Rejoice: Same Day ACH Limit Increased
Responding to a high demand from corporate end-users, NACHA is increasing the limit for Same Day ACH to $100,000.


Business Continuity Planning: 4 Tips for Treasurers
Extreme weather events are happening more and more frequently. That’s why it is crucial for companies to have a strong business continuity plan in place.


5 Steps to Receivables Optimization
Do you embrace ACH on the payables side, but not for receivables? Once you identify the problems, you can set out to find the solutions.


Excel: An Indispensable Platform for FP&A
Philip Peck, Vice President, Finance Transformation and Advisory Services for Peloton Group, discusses Excel and why FP&A professionals still rely heavily on it. He weighs in on Excel’s greatest strengths—and some of its most glaring weaknesses.


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