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April 2020 Results:

U.S. businesses continued to accumulate cash and short-term investment holdings but at a slower pace in the first quarter of 2020. The quarter-over-quarter index decreased seven points to +24, and the year-over-year indicator decreased by one point to +32. Entering the first quarter, business leaders were displaying some signs of willingness to deploy their cash. However, it appears that the global pandemic caused them to deviate from their plans. 

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AFP Corporate Cash IndicatorsApril 20Jan 20Oct 19July 19
Change in Cash Holdings (Over the Past Quarter)+24+31+9+8
Change in Cash Holdings (Over the Past Year)+32+33+20+11
Expected Change in Cash Holdings (During Current Quarter)-15-3+16+12


How to read the results:

The indicators measure recent and anticipated changes in corporate cash balances by calculating the percentage of survey respondents reporting an increase (or expected increase) in cash holdings minus the percentage reporting a decline (or expected decline). Declining indicators are indicative of increasingly confident businesses. Conversely, rising indicators suggest growing pessimism.  

Why you should care about corporate cash holdings and the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators?

The reason is simple: all other things held constant, optimistic companies are more likely to deploy their cash holdings. Confident companies use their cash to make growth-orientated expenditures (e.g., increased capital expenditures, merger & acquisitions and hiring) and to increase dividend payouts and share repurchases. Conversely, pessimistic executives are likely to retain their cash holdings. 

The AFP Corporate Cash Indicators (AFP CCI), provide treasury and finance professionals, policymakers and market analysts with timely data on a determinant of economic activity: corporate cash levels. 

About the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators

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