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2021 TMS Buyer's Guide


The 2021 AFP Guide to Treasury Management Systems provides corporate practitioners with a closer look at the process of selecting a TMS. This new guide gives you, the treasury professional, a glimpse into the latest technologies and trends, which will help you make the right decision when it comes time to choose a TMS for your organization.

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TMS Products and Services Reviewed

  • Bottomline
  • Chatham Financial 
  • CIT 
  • Coupa 
  • Fides 
  • Financial Sciences 
  • GTreasury
  • Hazeltree
  • HighRadius 
  •  ION Treasury 
  • i-payout 
  • Kyriba 
  • Orbit 
  • Serrala 
  • Strategic Treasurer 
  • TIS 


Finding an alternative rate to LIBOR is critical. The AFP 2021 TMS Buyer’s Guide contains the survey results from this year’s TMS Functionality Matrix on LIBOR. The matrix provides a quick reference guide on each solution’s ability to use libor replacement rates in instrument calculations and intercompany activity.