Survey Research & Economic Data


2020 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey

Supported by Marsh & McLennan

The 2020 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey examines the increasing strategic role of treasurers. The report this year studies, the gaps in skills/competencies for treasury leaders and their teams during COVID-19 and in the next three years.


2020 AFP Liquidity Survey

Underwritten by Invesco
AFP’s Annual Liquidity Survey examines current and emerging trends in organizations’ cash and short-term investment holdings, investment policies and strategies.


2020 AFP Compensation Report

The 32nd Annual AFP Compensation Report provides detailed job descriptions and salary information for 22 different job titles. The report examines influences on salary and upward mobility, including education, experience, and certification.


2020 AFP COVID-19 Survey: FP&A

The AFP COVID-19 Survey: FP&A examines the impact of the pandemic on FP&A teams and their responses to the crisis. Responses from over 600 FP&A professionals form the basis of this report.


2020 AFP COVID-19 Survey: Treasury

Underwritten by BMO
The AFP Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Survey examines the actions organizations’ treasury departments are taking in response to the pandemic, whether organizations have a business continuity plan in place, and if treasury teams are being included in meetings on COVID-19. Responses from nearly 500 treasury professionals form the basis of this report.


2020 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey

Underwritten by J.P. Morgan
The 2020 AFP Payment Fraud and Control Survey examines fraud attacks on business-to-business transactions, payment methods impacted and measures organizations are adopting to minimize fraud. Nearly 600 corporate practitioner member responses form the basis of this report.



2020 AFP Risk Survey

Supported by Marsh & McLennan
The 2020 Risk Survey provides insights into the greatest risks impacting organizations currently as well as the next three years. Results also reveal how concerned organizations are about upcoming economic uncertainty in the U.S., and how structured they are to assess risk.


2020 AFP FP&A Survey: Project Investment and Cost of Capital Survey

The 2020 AFP Project Investment and Cost of Capital Survey focuses on the process of project decision-making and how FP&A departments guide their businesses through the process. Over 600 corporate practitioner member responses form the basis of this report.



2019 AFP Electronic Payments Survey

Underwritten by J.P. Morgan, the 2019 AFP Electronic Payments Survey conducted in May 2019 examines the extent to which and the ways in which treasury and finance professionals are taking advantage of payments innovations to accommodate the pace of change in the current complex business-to-business environment. 

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Preparing for the Next Level of Financial Planning & Analysis

The AFP & APQC Survey: Preparing for the Next Level of Financial Planning & Analysis provides insights into the current techniques and tools, used by organizations for FP&A function, and the associated skills required of today's FP&A professionals. Responses from over 400 survey participants form the basis of this report. 


2018 AFP Technology Survey

Underwritten by BELLIN
AFP’s 2018 Technology Survey examines the landscape of emerging technologies and their current and anticipated impact within treasury & finance functions at organizations. The survey also examines roadblocks to implementation of emerging technologies and concerns that may arise.


2015 AFP Payments Cost Benchmarking Survey

Underwritten by Bottomline Technologies
The Inaugural Payments Cost Benchmarking Survey, conducted in April 2015 provides treasury and other finance professionals with a tool to gain detailed information regarding the costs of various payment methods. The survey also examines payment trends at organizations. The report is based on responses from over 500 finance professionals.

AFP Data Intelligence Survey

Underwritten by Capital One Bank
The recent interest surrounding data intelligence cannot be ignored - the wealth of available data, immense computing power and strong analytical capabilities drive organization decision making that supports product development and customer satisfaction and contributes to growth.